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Wedding planning things to avoid the evening before your wedding

Jan 17, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

You have used the free wedding planning apps for iPhone and iPad to plan a beautiful wedding, now it is finally approaching the moment of truth. In all of the excitement of learning to plan a wedding, you have heard a lot of advice, this article will concentrate more on what not to do right before your big day.

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The Bachelor And Bachelorette Parties:

While it is tradition to hold the parties on the night before, think about the things you have left on your pre-wedding-to-do list. You would hate to have spent so much time wedding planning only to arrive late and hung over to the wedding venue. Break with wedding tradition and have the wedding party a day or two in advance of the actual wedding date. This will give you time to recover and for the bride to be well rested and looking her absolute best.

The Spa Visit:

Being pampered is one of the perks that every bride looks forward to but this too can be a cause of last minute distress and panic. Facials, popping zits, skin peels and any other item that could possibly leave skin blotched or worse should be done well in advance definitely not the night before or the morning of the wedding. Any dermatological work should be done at least 3-4 weeks in advance to give any “oops” a chance to heal.

The Healthy Glow Of A Good Tan:

While this sounds great and you can imagine how great the tan will play off your wedding dress, using a spray on tanner the night before your wedding should be avoided at all cost. Imagine how bright that orange will look against that white wedding dress, nope, don’t want to go there.

Hey, You Gotta Eat, Right:

Yes, you should eat but be aware of the effects your food choices might have on your tummy. Lot’s of spices, especially garlic are notorious for being smelt days after they have been eaten. When you perspire these spices can be excreted through your pores. Not only that, some foods will react differently in your stomach when you are so wound up. No bride wants to walk down the aisle “tooting” her own song. Eat simple meal with foods that will not bloat you or give you embarrassing after effects.

Grooms Get Nervous Too:

Men handle nervousness a lot differently than women. It is important that you, the groom, do not go out with the fella’s for some rough and tumble type release. Football, paintball and any other activity that could get you bruised up are a no-no.

As you can see the possible repercussions of any of these things will take the joy out of your sails on your wedding day. It is also not advisable to make a drastic change in your hair or experiment with new makeup’s. Getting a different haircut the day before the wedding could spell disaster, you could hate it and have to deal with how to hide that fact as you walk down the aisle. For more timely tips visit and while you are there download the free wedding planner apps for iPhone and iPad.



Post By:parkerCreated Date:Jan 07, 2014
To do list is the best idea for planning wedding thanks for idea i like it
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here that wedding rings is simple superb. I like that very much. Then your post also very impressed me. I hope it will use more wedding planners.
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