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Wedding planning tips for every couple

Nov 21, 2019 | Posted by:  abi s

The Wedding is a special occasion in a person's lifetime. Planning a wedding has both fun and hardships. Making the right choice will make it fun and will let you to be stress-free Upon making the choice you should follow some simple things make a perfect plan.
What to look for in a wedding planning app?
Wedding planning doesn't just mean planning it involves lots of things to do with, has lots of things to care for, and has a lot of things to search for.  Along with creating a plan finding all those things you need for your weddings such as wedding dress, photographer, venue, wedding invitation (best in the location within your budget), arrangements you need to take care of such as seating arrangements, accommodation, catering, decor, and things such as wedding countdown and remainders. Find the application that will provide you all these services. iwedplanner is one such application that provides all the above-mentioned things and much more for free!!
What you should do with your wedding planning app?
 Just downloading a wedding planning app with all the above mentioned doesn't mean that you have created a perfect plan for your wedding. Follow the simple tips to make a rocking plan for your rocking day.
  • Do some research: Before starting your planning process do some research. Don't do the research only on the venue or the wedding planner. Do some basic thing in all the things that are required for your wedding. In iwedplanner you can find help for all the things required for your wedding. Make your research with comparison and reviews.
  • Set a budget: Budget plays a great role in the wedding planning process. Setting your budget should be the first step in creating a plan. Since the entire planning process greatly depends on the budget
  • Create a timeline: A timeline is what that will help you to keep everything on track. It not only remains you about what you need to do and follow but also will help you to lead a stress-free wedding day.
  • Discuss with your partner regarding every decision you make.


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