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Wedding preparation ideas

Jan 04, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Planning a wedding takes a lot of efforts. There are a number of minute details that you cannot ignore or overlook otherwise you are likely to end up paying extra on certain affairs. In order to help you organize the ceremony efficiently we are providing some important tips
1.    Credit card- since the costs associated with wedding expenditures are exorbitant, therefore you can gain a number of benefits associated with the payment via credit cards. The rewards can be utilized on booking hotels or purchase in select stores.
2.    Hiring vendors- in wedding preparations one vendor leads to another. For instance when you book your photographer you can ask him for the best florists and caterers in that area. This way you will have the best options available at an affordable price.
3.    Guest list- you should ascertain your guest count as early as possible. This will be crucial in selecting the venue and making provisions with caterers. It should also be noted that the guest count needs to be kept in check. This will allow you to save a lot of money which you can spend on increasing the grandeur of the event.
4.    Bar management- normally it is enough to hire one bartender per 50 guests but if you are serving a cocktail that takes more time to prepare, consider on hiring more bartenders in accordance with it.
5.     Proceed in steps- don’t make haste in booking your vendors. Every booking should be made after confirming the wedding date. Band should be reserved after selecting the venue, so that the space is not compromised. Also, the cake should be designed after finalizing the flowers.
6.    Setup- ask your venue management to allow ample time for installing setup. It will do best to obtain a 12 hour window before the event starts.


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