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Wedding Rings And Jewelry Why Does The Cut Make A Difference

Sep 17, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

A diamond is one of the gem stones that the mere mention invokes the thought of engagements or weddings. When it comes to diamonds for wedding jewelry you should be aware of the 4Cs. Cut, color, clarity and carat weight all are important to the overall look and price of the jewel.
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What does cut mean?
The cut determines the amount of sparkle that the light traveling through the gem reflects to the eye. It is the symmetry and proportions that capture the light and causes us to see it as a sparkle. The best diamonds for explosive sparkle would be the ones with a cut grade of Reserve Ideal and Ideal. The next in line for brilliance would be ones with a cut grade Very Good or Good. If you find a large diamond for a very low price, it is likely to have a cut grade of “Poor”. Although the diamond is larger it will have less sparkle with a great polish.
Color is the one characteristic that we can determine with the naked eye. The best diamonds and the most expensive will be the ones that colorless or near-colorless. The more color a diamond has determines what type of quality it is and also is a determining factor in price. These range from faint yellow, noticeable color and very noticeable color. When choosing a diamond that has some color for wedding rings and jewelry use yellow gold for the setting, these mute the color in the diamond making it less noticeable.
Clarity is the appearance not only of the outside of the diamond but also the organic identifiers that Mother Nature produced inside the diamond. There are different levels of clarity with FL being the highest. FL is flawless and these are very rare, next is the IF which means internally flawless again this is a rare specimen. VVS1 is the next level of clarity for diamonds. This means very very slightly included (some imperfections are visible), and then there are VVS2, VS1 VS2 AND SI1 SI2.When selecting a diamond for your wedding rings and jewelry get the highest clarity grade you can afford for exceptional beauty and sparkle.
Carat Weight is simply how much the stone weighs and its size relative to that weight. Why do diamonds of the same weight look differently? If a diamond is tall and narrow when you look at it from the top, then it may be that it is poorly cut. Look for diamonds that have very good cut when choosing carat weight for wedding rings and jewelry.
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Post By:serenaCreated Date:Feb 11, 2014
The wedding rings are more expansive to compare with other wedding jewels.The wedding couples are doesn't know about the details of the wedding ring.this article explains all information about the wedding rings with out any doubt.
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The wedding ring is the very important thing for all kinds of the wedding couples should selects the best wedding rings under the best guidelines or instructions.this wedding article providing information used to purchasing the best rings.
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The wedding diamonds are differ by a single cut among other diamonds. The diamond rings are important stuffs for a wedding.This article explain about the cuts of wedding rings.
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The Wedding rings are costlier thing to compare other wedding stuffs in a wedding budget.So the select our wedding rings as very carefully. because a simple cur make a huge different in a wedding ring.
Post By:majnuCreated Date:Dec 12, 2013
This article providing information's are surely considered by the wedding couples. Bcoz the diamonds are important stuffs in weddings.
Post By:christianCreated Date:Nov 27, 2013
It is used to select best wedding rings in your weddings and also it avoid selection of Worsen wedding rings....
Post By:brownCreated Date:Nov 21, 2013
It tells of the special features of diamonds. And properties of diamonds, types of colors gives information about the unknown.
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It tells the information about the wedding jewelry and create awareness for brides and grooms.thanks
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