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Jul 09, 2018 | Posted by:  abi s

Got engaged and looking for a wedding venue? Choosing between wedding venues seems to be a difficult and overwhelming process. With the checklist below the overwhelming process may become simple and will also help you to find whether all which is required is available in the wedding venue. The below wedding venue checklist deals with all the general points that will be helpful in making the decision by comparing the wedding venues.
  • Availability of date: Checking the availability of the date is the first thing you should check. In the case of the San Francisco City Hall wedding venue check not only with the date but also with the time. The affordability and the traditional look with the breathtaking architecture it is one of the most preferred wedding venues where it offers two type of wedding package civil and private ceremony. Select the one you like to have where each type has its own advantage.
  • Guest space: When opting for the venue the another most basic thing to check is the accommodation space for guest. How many guests does the venue can accommodate? The thing gets different when you opt for San Francisco City Hall wedding venue where in case of the civil ceremony only six guests are permitted and will long for only six minutes. In the case of the private ceremony with different packages, it has extended time and can have more than 6 guests.
  • Cost: Most importantly the venue you choose should be within the budget you have planned for. San Francisco City Hall wedding venue has a different budget for the different type of package.
  • Transportation and Parking: A wedding venue should have frequent transportation facility and comfortable parking facility. San Francisco City Hall wedding venue provides parking facility and in case of transportation, it is very easy to reach with the public transit.
  • Photography locations: To make a memory every couple prefer intimate photographic locations. San Francisco City Hall wedding venue has such location in the 4th floor North gallery which has perfect lighting.
Apart from this, you can also check all your personalized requirements while choosing a venue.


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