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Wedding Videographers What You Should Know Before Signing A Contract

Sep 28, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

Wedding videos like all home movies have come a long way. In order to get the best possible production you have to work well with your wedding videographer. A videographer is an artist and it is their vision that you are ultimately purchasing. Once you have found the right person it is time to get creative. Communication is the key to working with a professional videographer.

     wedding videographer

It is not just enough to interview them, hire them and expect them to show up. they have to know what your vision for your wedding is as well as what you hope to achieve with the video.  Sadly over 50% of the brides today do not put a lot of importance on the wedding video and will choose the cheapest videographer online. This is one area that you really should consider carefully and select someone who will give you the best video possible. Here are a few things that you should be on the lookout for before you even consider spending any money: 

  • Be leery of any videographer that request that you “email for a quote”, seriously any filmmaker should be able to post reliable quotes on their websites. They have done wedding videos and should be able to at least list packages that show coverage and time frame pricing. If this is missing then we suggest that you pass it up.  

  • If you want to make copies of the wedding video for friends and relatives it could pose a problem. Many wedding videographers have a clause in their contracts that allows them to retain the copyrights to the video. They do this so that you have to order subsequent videos from them. It is your wedding you should own the copyrights and be able to make as many copies as you want.

  •  If a video company is saying you need a multi camera shoot, listen to them. Although if you are on a tight budget but you should be aware that multi-cameras does not mean that you need to pay multiple operators. One videographer should be able to handle the filming with the static and roving camera just fine.

  • Video companies cone and go so quickly and there is always that chance for a catastrophe so insist on a back up DVD or have them load it onto a USB device. You can provide the device your self so the charge should be minimal.  

  • Ask that the DVD be fully interactive. This means there should be a menu with chapters, really sometimes you may just want to watch only certain portions.  

  • Do not pay for everything up front. A general practice is to pay 1/3 at booking, another 1/3 right before the event and the balance only after you have received and approved your video.

 The cameraman should also attend the wedding rehearsal and this should not be an extra charge item. It is during the rehearsal that you will be able to work with the cameraman to block out the proceedings and discuss those must capture moments.  

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Post By:bailyCreated Date:Feb 14, 2014
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Post By:leviCreated Date:Jan 09, 2014
The professional wedding videographers are must want a contract to their work. In this contract the putting the terms and conditions are in favor of their own needs.This article shows the important elements of wedding photography contract.So new couples are must refer this wedding article before signing their contract.
Post By:elizabeth Created Date:Dec 23, 2013
The wedding photography contract is the important one for wedding planning.the wedding photography contract take a huge part of amount in your wedding budget. so be aware to these kinds of activities. This post proving awareness about wedding photography contract.
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This article ignorance of most people is to remove. Many people does not know about full details of wedding videographers contract.
Post By:josephCreated Date:Oct 29, 2013
The article providing useful information's for wedding peoples.It shows the needs of photographer during the wedding celebrations thank you so much.
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