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What A Bride Should Know About Wedding Guest Accommodations

Jun 10, 2013 | Posted by:  abi s

You have spent hours pouring over wedding lists, tracking down a site for your wedding reception and your wedding ceremony and handling hundreds of small details. Once you’ve decided on who you are inviting it is important that you also begin looking for guest accommodations. While it is not incumbent upon you to pay for their hotel rooms, they will appreciate that you took the time to find a place for them to stay. It is important that you book rooms early as well as plan to provide your guest when the welcoming gift in each room. Here are a few other things you should take into consideration when planning a wedding guest accommodations.

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When booking a block of rooms for your wedding guest location is very important. Often other wedding vendors will know which hotels in your area offer the best deals to bridal couples and guest. If you’re holding your wedding reception at a major hotel, remember depending on the hotel, they may not have rooms to fit every budget. While you want great accommodations. You may also want to look for cheap accommodations for some of the less affluent people on your wedding lists. With this in mind, research, motels and hotels within a 10 mile radius of your wedding reception site. Check with the venue to see if they also offer shuttle service.

Negotiate to get the best deals. Study your invitation list to estimate how many rooms you will need to reserve. If you’re holding your wedding reception at a hotel, you should consider all of the out-of-town guest, the bridal party, bride and groom, parents of the bride and groom and add a few extra rooms, just in case other guest choose to stay over. Hotels generally reserved room some blocks of 10. If you are planning on reserving rooms for more than 30 people. You may want to reserve rooms as several different locations so that you get a great price range. It is also advisable to either reserve rooms on separate floors or even at separate locations so that you can separate the fun-loving bunch from the older crowd. Meet with a hotel coordinator to discuss the contract, finalized the deal discussed other particulars for that day. Do not forget to ask by which date will your rooms be released back to the general public. You also want to know if any meals are included with the room rate, such as breakfast or brunch.



Post By:MargetCreated Date:Feb 07, 2014
This post will be helpful for the brides those who are planning a guest accommodation. They will understand the things about accommodating their wedding guests.
Post By:KatherineCreated Date:Jan 21, 2014
What A Bride Should Know About Wedding Guest Accommodations was nice tips to wedding Brides to accommodate their wedding guests.
Post By:jonesCreated Date:Nov 19, 2013
Wow nice photo you shared.This wedding article give a many information about the wedding guest accommodation for you wedding moment.
Post By:BarbarajonesCreated Date:Oct 26, 2013
Thanks for sharing this article and wonderful photo.This article describes about the wedding guest accommodation it gave many information about guest accommotation its very useful for my wedding .
Post By:DanelCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
Beautiful tips to make the seating chart for the wedding ceremony. The picture is sample arrangements based on the tips. Those instructions are important for the wedding planners to plan the wedding.
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