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What is the Best Choice for a Wedding DJ

Feb 15, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

There was a time when a wedding band was the best you could hope for at a wedding. With the march of time everything gets better, new and improved. There are men and women who bear the title of DJ, that are excellent at what they do, both in the wedding industry and as club Emcees. The best wedding DJ is one that has the “gift of Gab” and is capable of holding a crowd without resorting to vulgarities.                                                               
             wedding DJ
Many people think that all DJ’s are pretty much the same. Those who are not in the know figure all they do is synch up a lap top push a few buttons and keep the music playing. There is also this idea floating around that a DJ is cheaper than a band and they can be if you are going for the biggest bargain over professionalism and competence. Well we are going to clear up any misunderstandings you may have right now.
There are two types of DJ’s out there, the single operator and the multi-op. A multi-op is a DJ who subcontracts to other DJ’s on an “on call” basis. These are generally the ones you will find in the yellow pages, they are also the ones with the biggest online ads too. The problem with hiring a wedding DJ from a multi-op company is often you don’t get to meet the actual DJ until the day before or worst the day of the wedding.
A single operator is a man or woman who is in the business on their own. These are better because they can focus all of their energy on your event and getting it the way you want it to be.  Generally they will only book one event a day and the person you contact is who will be at the event.
Be leery of hiring a wedding DJ or Club DJ who has little or no experience playing weddings. Sure everybody starts somewhere but do you really want them gaining experience at your wedding. When considering a club DJ for a wedding it is important that you know exactly what types of music they will play. Most of them only play a particular genre of music like rock or hip hop. Weddings requires that music be played that can be enjoyed by a variety of people.
Finally, you want a DJ that is willing to work with you and your vision not go out there doing their own thing. Learn more about working with wedding DJ’s on the iwedplanner website. The trusted source for all your wedding planning needs.


Post By:andrieaCreated Date:Apr 12, 2014
Wedding DJ Play a important role in a wedding reception this blog explained the key features in selecting the best DJ to make the wedding party awesome.
Post By:SophiaCreated Date:Feb 17, 2014
Wedding DJ is always the best choice of enjoy a wedding. So we must hire a best wedding musicians and DJ masters. The DJ is a dramatic experience to feel the song of the mood. So, We must enjoy that celebration to book a wonderful wedding DJ's and wedding musicians.
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