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Where Will The Honeymoon Be

Jan 10, 2014 | Posted by:  abi s

The time has come after months of intense planning to finally breathe a sigh of relief. Wait there is one more thing that you should give at least as much thought as you gave your wedding cake design. The honeymoon is not just a vacation it is to be the first memories you will have as husband and wife. The purpose of the honeymoon is to give you a good start with great memories to offset the harshness of married reality. Times may get hard for the two of you but as long as you have these memories to look back upon you will find a way to weather any storm.                                                                                                                                             honneymoon locations

Let professional travel agents help you with these plans for an ideal honeymoon. The most important thing to figure out is what the two of you want. Often your idea of a romantic honeymoon will differ greatly from his. It helps to have a 3rd party present that can keep tempers low and offer suggestions so that you both have the best time possible. The honeymoon is not just for the bride, he needs to get some of his wants as well. Below are some destinations that may be perfect for you.


The Maldives

Located in the archipelago and is one of the most romantic places on earth. The islands are cloaked in palm trees and dappled with pearly white sandy beaches. Like most tropical destinations the water is a clear turquoise. Most of the islands are actually vacation resorts. Since this is a honeymoon it is important that you plan to honeymoon at a resort that caters to adults only.



Having a beach honeymoon is possible without leaving the country and it is possible to enjoy one anytime of the year in Florida. It is not called the Sunshine State for nothing. December temperatures do not get lower than 77° in the South, this makes it the perfect destination for a beach vacation.


Travel agents to help you plan your honeymoon travel to get the best deals. They can get the airfare, hotels and ground transportation organized for less than if you did it on your own. Find local travel agents on iWedPlanner and start booking finding the perfect honeymoon spot, today.



Post By:benjohnCreated Date:Apr 23, 2014
These two places you mentioned in this post are the best places to spend your honeymoon. Some valuable information for the couples who are planning their honeymoon.
Post By:maryCreated Date:Jan 10, 2014
This wedding article has nice to read. moreover makes awareness at the time of choosing a honeymoon place. bcoz honeymoon is not a just a excursion it the sweet memories of wedding couples.
Post By:luzeeCreated Date:Jan 10, 2014
Interesting article. It's like all wedding couples to go our honeymoon memorable and dream place. Then your photo is look awesome...
Post By:KatherineCreated Date:Jan 10, 2014
It was an wonderful article to read on where will be my honeymoon be and very nice to read about it and plan for a nice wedding Honeymoon.
Post By:JhoneCreated Date:Jan 10, 2014
Its was nice article for planning honeymoon and nice ship for planning wedding thanks for the idea cool
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