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Why to organize a rehearsal dinner

Dec 19, 2017 | Posted by:  abi s

Rehearsal dinner is a great way to organize and monitor your wedding preparations for one last time. It gives you a clear insight on what needs to be done in order to make your ceremony more charming and eventful. To some couples it might appear as an extra burden on their budget but if you glance at its merits, you will certainly realize its significance. Rehearsal dinner is usually organized a week before the wedding and the invitees include only a group of close relatives and friends who have a role to play in the arrangements of the event. Here we are describing some important tips that will not only clarify its importance but will also make it rather enjoyable for your gathering.
1.    Invitation- if you are bent on keeping it low key, there is no need for sending out formal invitation cards. You can simply call or e-mail the schedule and venue details.
2.    Chance to sync everyone- the possibility is very slim that your relatives are acquainted with your friends. Rehearsal dinner gives them a pretty good chance to bond and discuss their responsibilities for the main event.
3.    Exchange gifts- it is a very good time to gift your in-laws and friends. This way you can make them realize their importance in your life. The true meaning of rehearsal dinner is to show gratitude to those who are taking pains to make your special day even more special.
4.    Chance to discuss and ask questions- a real practice session brings everyone on the same page where they can assess their roles and discuss any queries that come to mind. It includes the order in which everyone will give their speech, seating arrangement etc. This way you can be sure of a smooth flow of events on your wedding day.


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