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Why Wedding Planners Are Using Wedding Apps

Nov 29, 2012 | Posted by:  abi s

Even budding professional wedding planners are taking advantage of the free iPad and iPhone apps. These apps give them the freedom to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Many of the best wedding planners were always seen with an entourage of several assistants when they traveled about. These were the people charged with the tasks of keeping track of all the lists and appointment calendars. Now all of these things can be stored online and accessed using a mobile app.

Now that there are mobile apps professionals do are not slaves to their PC’s or laptops. The major portion of the information you need will be available on your mobile app. professionals use the apps in the same manner as the lay planner. Many find that it enables them to deliver even greater customer service, and because the apps area accessible by the customer it can ultimately enhance the communication and relationship between planner and client.

Using the wedding mobile apps allows them to keep track of guest lists, contact guest to finalize their menu plans and also to keep a listing of their favorite vendors. They have most of this on their laptops but being able to access the information anywhere, anytime is a big plus. Wedding planner find that using mobile apps can solve major logistic problems as they scurry from place to place and client to client. The apps allow an aspiring wedding planner to get it right the first time out.

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Wedding software has been used for more than a decade and now with mobile apps the same great tools that are available on computer can be in the palm of our hand. Downloading the free wedding apps for iPad and iPhone is very simple and they are easy to use. As a wedding planner you will have to be on top of everything from budget to the RSVP’s and being able to see who will attend at a moments notice is a great help when planning a seating chart.

For brides who cannot afford a wedding planner these free apps are a splendid way to achieve the results you want without that added expense. These apps can help you to find vendors and wedding venues for every aspect of your wedding. Don’t worry that you do not know how or where to begin the apps include a list for most of the things you will need to do and buy. The budget calculator will help you to plan your spending so that you get the most from every dollar.

Find all of the free wedding planner apps you need for your iPhone or Ipad at While you are there cruise the website to see what other great and inspiring ideas you can find. Whether you are a professional wedding planner or a bride planning her own wedding there is always more to learn. The brides and vendors often leave behind helpful tips on the wedding blogs and wedding forums. If you are new in the business you can take advantage of all the amazing wedding planner tools found there like the color wheel to help brides pick out their wedding colors.



Post By:MadisonCreated Date:Dec 20, 2013
Cute wedding couple to plan our wedding life... Very nice...
Post By:Connie AustinCreated Date:Sep 25, 2013
This was an wonderful app to use and plan for the wedding especially i like the to-do-list and RSVP invitations it was very useful for me
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