Looking for a perfect addition such as freezer to your wedding gift registry? Look into the type of freezers. There are two main types: upright and chest. With iWedPlanner, you can narrow down which kind you like by seeing the pros and cons of each.

With the upright freezer, the customer may have to pay more. However, when it comes to cleaning it out and organizing food items, the upright freezer has what it takes. Also, you are more likely to have better storage features versus the chest freezer. The chest freezer is very convenient in terms of storing large quantities and bulky items of food. In comparison to its upright counterpart, the chest freezer is cheaper and saves more energy. Also, the sizes vary.

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The next thing you must do as a wedding gift registry planner is to focus on the many features each freezer comes with. For example, a chest freezer may have locking options, an adjustable divider, a freezer light, an indicator light, and one basket or more. An upright freezer may have its own freezer light, but also have specialized storage compartments. Door bins and safety lock are included in the package for some models.

Auto-defrost freezers are the best choice to have for a freezer because of it’s a ability to not need to defrost. Unfortunately, these types use up more energy and food resources may face freezer burn easily.

Whichever you may choose, iWedPlanner will help add the freezer to your list with all the bells and whistles. It makes a wonderful gift addition to your wedding gift registry.

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