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Myriad sizes, colors, brands, and special capabilities come with each ice maker. With iWedPlanner, you can narrow down the bounty of ice makers based on your needs. Variations are plentiful and include types such as undercounter, countertop, and modular.

Undercounter ice makers are usually found in small businesses and cafés. These usually produce hundreds of pounds worth of ice. Modular are large-width ice machines. It is mainly used for big businesses. This is why knowing the difference is essential, and so, the best type of ice maker for newlyweds is a countertop ice maker. Countertop ice makers may be the best choice to make nugget-style ice cubes.

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Know the type of ice maker you’d like also based on the shape of ice. The most common ice shape is cubed. It melts slower, and so less ice will be used up by you, your spouse, or any guests to the home. Nugget ice is slow melting too, however, they are easier to chew up. They are softer and may be seen in health care settings more than the home. Last, but not least, flake ice can be molded into different shapes. Also, it’s great for drinks!

Avoid requesting a large ice maker or you will invite bacteria if you store the ice for too long. Also, have enough room to store the maker. Look into the type of cooling methods used my the ice maker, but if it does not matter to you, then do not worry about it. Consider having a warranty if it malfunctions. With the help of iWedPlanner, you will be able to choose and include this accessory to your wedding gift registry.

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