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standinas Elegant Greek Wedding Ideas

We strive to offer world class

Greek Orthodox elegant and traditinal wedding ideas

An exquisite collection of Greek Goddess

style gowns, with a touch of class that will become tomorrows exquisite high quality keepsakes.

Valuable information on Greek Orthodox wedding traditions.
Thoxia Ton Theo (Glory To God)

Greek Goddess Destination Wedding Gowns Ideas

Picture yourself getting married on the beach with your Gowns flowing in the wind,
making you look like a perfect Greek Goddess.
For the discerning bride the stunning traditional
Greek Goddess inspired destination wedding Gowns
are definitely a hit among brides.

They offer a way to look a little sexy, but not revealing on your wedding day.

They also do a good job on hiding any body flaws that you may think you have.

hen you think of a goddess inspired wedding Gown, the first picture that may come to mind

is a long white fluid dress that has the hint of sparkle details by the bust line.

This is the typical Greek goddess wedding Gown.
What some brides may not know before they go wedding Gown/Dress shopping,
is that there are of different variations of Greek Goddess style Gowns.
It has become a very popular style of Gowns and not just with wedding Dresses.

Greek Goddess destination wedding Gowns are not just for beach weddings.

They can be worn for all kinds of different destinations weddings as they work well in just about any setting.

They would look fabulous at a garden wedding, but would also work well with a traditional church wedding.

Grecian Goddess destination wedding Gowns/Dresses are sexy and modern, but are also classic.
These style of Gowns are also very figure flattering and will look amazing on just about any bride.

It is possible for any bride-to-be anywhere in the world to feel like a Greek princess on her wedding day!
Greek Goddess D
stination Wedding Gown Guide

Inspired by beach weddings

Greek Goddess wedding Gowns offer elegance with just the right special details.
From jeweled brooches to lace-up backs to luxury lace wedding Gowns, the mood is simple elegance.
Lightweight fabrics like silk and charmeuse are easy to travel with, ideal for destination or beach wedding Gowns,
or for any bride who prefers a sleek, unique style.

Picking out your
Greek Goddess Destination Wedding Gown
may just be one of the most important decisions that
you make for your wedding.
Here are some tips for preparing for shopping for
Greek Goddess Destination Wedding Gown.

Give yourself plenty of time to shop for your Greek Goddess Wedding Gown/Dress.
Don't wait until weeks before the wedding to start your shopping.
Unless you are having a wedding that is being planned in less than two months, you should start shopping for your

Greek Goddess Destination Wedding Gown/Dres
s at least 3 months before the wedding.
If you plan on ordering your Costandinas Custom Greek Goddess Wedding Gown/Dress, then you may need at least
6-16 weeks for the dress to come in.

To give you a starting point for shopping, i
t helps to have an idea of the kind of
Greek Goddess Wedding Gown/D
that you are interested in.
This makes shopping less chaotic and less stressful, it doesn't mean that you cannot
be open to opinions or
have to stick
to that style of Gown.
The type of jewelry and accessories you wear should depend on the style of your dress.

Elegant earrings add to a strapless gown without taking away from the flattering neckline.
With V-neck gowns, however, a necklace is the perfect choice. Jewelled hairpins are very flattering with a halter gown.

Always consider the color of your gown when selecting jewellry.
Pearl and platinum jewellry best compliment a white gown while gold is best for an ivory gown.
Bridal beach hair jewelry is perfect for a wedding on the beach or a destination wedding.
Choose from bridal hair combs that feature shells with accents of Swarovski crystals and pearls.
Coin pearl hair combs or starfish hair combs are sure to add beach beauty to any hairstyle!

Greek Goddess Mermaid

(Trumpet Wedding Gowns)

One very popular style of

Greek Goddess destination wedding Gowns

is called the mermaid style.

If you want just a simple look for your Greek Goddess Gown that fit in with the style of your wedding.

Greek Goddess mermaid Gowns are tight on the top and through the hips.

After the hips and around the thigh to knee area, the Gown then flairs out like mermaid fins.

You have to be willing to show off your curves to pull this kind of wedding Gown off.

The mermaid style destination Gowns is also known as a trumpet Gown due to it's flaring style at the bottom.
Mermaid Gowns can have a variety of different necklines and styles for the upper half of the Gown.
They can have
spaghetti straps,
halters, and maybe
sleeveless or
even short sleeves.

Another variation that makes each mermaid/trumpet wedding Gown unique is the flare on the bottom of the dress.
It can start above the knee, at the knee, or right below the knee.
It can have a dramatic flare, or it can be a more subtle one.
Greek Goddess Mermaid
style destination wedding
Gowns may even have a slight train in the back.

Mermaid style destination wedding Gowns can be made from a variety of fabrics.
They can be slinky silk

Greek Goddess Gowns

or they can be ornate lace

Greek Goddess destination Gowns.
If you chose a sexy silk mermaid

Greek Goddess Gown,

just know that it will show more of your body than a
heavier fabric or lace one will.

Costandinas has many different custom mermaid style

Greek Goddess Gowns

to chose from.
Once you know Greek Goddess Gown

is the style

that you want for your wedding, pick out a

Costandinas Greek Goddess Gowns
that fits your style wedding.

Greek Goddess Wedding Gowns that Sparkle

There are some brides that have dreamed about their wedding Gown since they were a little girl.
Some brides when they think of their dream wedding Gown, they envision sparkles, glitter, and gleam.
Don't let a destination wedding stop you from having the wedding Gown of your dreams.

If you feel uncomfortable with destination wedding Gowns that are full of glitter and sparkle,
then opt for a Costandinas Greek Goddess Wedding Gown/Dress that adds only a touch of it.
It could be a crystal brooch or a sparkling band or hem on the Gown.
Add a few sparkles here and there and your Greek Goddess Gown can make you feel like a Greek Goddess
on your wedding day.

If you planning on having more of a glamorous Greek Goddess style destination wedding
go all out with the
sparkling Greek Goddess Wedding Gown.
This is your Destination Wedding and as long as the Gown is not too over the top, then you can pull it off.
Some Greek Goddess Sparkling Wedding Gowns may even go better than plain ones if you are having a destination wedding
on the beach or under the stars.
Costandinas offers casual and classic styles of Custom Greek Goddess Wedding Gowns that add the sparkle to add some
personality and uniqueness to them.

Wedding Gown designers are making more casual short destination wedding Dresses that have the sparkle and glitz to them.

Simple Greek Goddess Wedding Gowns

Some brides who chose to have destination weddings, do so because they want simple n

o frills or flairs

For this type of bride, a simple Greek Goddess wedding Gown/Dress would be the best choice.
Costandinas has simple and clean Greek Goddess wedding Gowns that could fit into just about every type of destination wedding.
A simple Greek Goddess destination wedding Gown could be as plain as a white sheath Gown/Dress or a long white Gown.
It can be a strapless, a halter, it can have cap sleeves, or short sleeves.
It could be a long Greek Goddess Gown or a short Dress.
The whole point of a simple Greek Goddess destination wedding Gown/Dress is to be casual and comfortable.
Simple Greek Goddess wedding Gowns/Dresses don't even have to be actual wedding Dresses.
Choose a custom Costandinas bridesmaids dress in white, or design your own custom Gown/Dress.

Greek Goddess Wedding Gowns with Trains

Who says that just because you are having a destination wedding, your Greek Goddess Gown can't have a train?
Although trains are quite popular with classic weddings, don't rule out Goddess destination wedding Gown with trains for your wedding.
The key to picking a Greek Goddess wedding Gown with a train for your destination wedding, is to still make the Gown/dress confortable.
No one wants to be lugging around this big, long train in the sand, but a Gown with a little train in the back may work for you.

If you want to be more of a traditional bride even though you are having a destination wedding,
then keep some tradition with your Greek Goddess wedding Gown.
Some woman don't feel like a bride unless they are wearing a wedding Gown with a train.
For Greek Goddess destination wedding Gowns, you want to stick with Gowns that have a slight train.
These types of destination wedding Gowns/Dresses give you the classic style and are still feasible for any destination wedding.

Choose a Greek Goddess Wedding Gown in which the train can easily be bustled up in the back or have a wrist bracelet sewed
into the underside of the train so you can carry the train on your wrist.
There are so many options that you have and so many different train lengths and styles that are available from
wedding Gown designers.

Greek Goddess Destination wedding Gowns with a slight train are a great way to feel elegant and like a Greek Goddess
on your wedding day while still keeping with a more casual atmosphere for your destination wedding.

Micro-Mini Goddess Wedding Dresses
If you are a future bride and you are not afraid to show some leg at your wedding, then a minidress may be the
wedding Destination Dress for you.
Believe it or not, one of the growing trends for Destination Wedding Dresses is high hemlines.
The short Destination Wedding Dress has raised it's hemline from right below the knee to above the knee.
If you were to look at several designer's
wedding Gown
collections, you are bound to find at least one minidress in each collection.
Since most destination weddings are more casual, mini-destination wedding Dresses are being seen at more and more.
Some Brides may not want to wear a Goddess minidress to a church ceremony (please check your church for any restrictions),
but they may have no problem wearing one to a beach wedding.
Some brides who are having church ceremonies are changing their Greek Goddess Gowns and partying the night away in
their micro-mini wedding Dress instead of their formal one.

It takes some guts to pull of a minidress as your wedding Dress, this trend is definitely not for everybody.
Even when wearing a Goddess mini, you still want to look classy, so you must find a kind of Dress that fits you properly
and still looks appropriate.

Goddess Micro-mini destination wedding Dresses can come in a variety of shapes and styles.
There are Goddess form fitting ones, loose ones, babydoll Dresses, and even bubble hem Dresses.
If you are looking for a micro-mini Goddess wedding Dress be sure that you try on the different styles to see which one best fits
your body shape and is appropriate for your wedding.
Costandinas Custom Greek Goddess Gowns/Dress has a fine selection to choose from.

Short Goddess Wedding Dress

Short Goddess Destination Wedding Dresses are quite popular.

This is especially true for beach weddings and other outdoor destination weddings.

Many brides don't want to hassle with a long Gown dragging in the sand or getting dirty from walking across grass or other areas.
Short Goddess Destination Wedding Dresses give more of a casual feel to a wedding.
If that is what kind of feeling that you want to create for your wedding, you may want to look for Goddess Wedding Dresses.

There are some things to remember when looking for a Short Goddess Wedding Dress.
Be sure that the Dress at least goes down to your knees.
A Short Goddess Wedding Dress can land anywhere between your knees and your calves.
Short Goddess Destination Wedding Dresses can be lace, silk, or simply a cotton blend.

Most wedding Gown designers are making short wedding Dresses.
Costandinas gives you a pretty good selection of Custom Short Destination Wedding Dresses to choose from.

Choose a short Goddess wedding Dress that fits your personality.
A short Goddess Dress can still be romantic and feminine or it can be simple and plain.
The choice is up to you.

Goddess Tea-Length Wedding Dresses (Knee-Length)

Goddess Tea-Length
destination wedding Dresses, also known as k
wedding Dresses, are becoming popular and
are a fantastic idea for those brides who do not feel comfortable in a full-length wedding Gown.

In addition to this,
Goddess Tea-Length
Dresses are perfect for beach weddings because brides do not have to be concerned
about their Dresses dragging over sand or surf or constantly having to hold their Dresses up to avoid it being dirtied or damaged.

destination wedding Dresses are now also being made by bridal fashion designers and were recently featured in
Italian bridal runway shows.
Of course, the biggest benefit of wearinga Goddess
Wedding Dresses is that brides are able to show off their fantastic legs,
and this adds an element of seductiveness that a full-length wedding Gown cannot.

There are now many styles ofGoddess
destination wedding Dresses on the market, such as off the shoulder sleeves,
sweetheart necklines, and delicate flaring skirts through to the georgette halter-neck with a sequined waistline and handkerchief point skirt.

Plus sized Greek Goddess Wedding Gowns

There are plenty of plus size Greek Goddess Wedding Gowns available, but what exactly should you look for?
Shopping for a wedding Gown should be a happy experience and not a stressful one.
Knowing what will look best on your body can make shopping for your plus size Greek Goddess Wedding Gown an enjoyable occasion.

When shopping for your plus size Greek Goddess Wedding Gown, choose a style that flatters your figure the most.
An A-line cut flatters almost every body type.
If you have larger hips that you want to hide, think about getting a princess cut style that will hide your hips or get a Plus size
Goddess Gown that has wider straps to help offset your wider hips.

Costandinas offers a variety of Greek Goddess destination wedding Gowns.
Even though you may be having a destination wedding, you may want to choose a Custom Goddess Wedding Gown that has a thicker fabric,
as they are less likely to cling to your body, which can be unflattering.

Bohemian Destination Wedding Gowns

If you are a free spirit and love the Bohemian style, why not carry that style over into your wedding Gown/Dress choice?
Bohemian destination wedding Gowns are quite common these days, especially if you are getting married outdoors.
They offer a somewhat zen and earthy style for your wedding.

When choosing a Bohemian style wedding Gown chose fabrics that are not heavy, but are light and airy.
Also, delicate and soft fabrics such as lace and chiffon are also a good option for this style of Gown.

Your Bohemian wedding Gown should have delicate details to it and not be overpowering in any way.

Things such as soft layers or a sheer overlay fit well into this style.
If you are going for this style you should avoid destination wedding Gowns that are too structured and heavy looking.
Avoid ballroom Gowns and ones that are body hugging style.
Look for Gowns that have an empire waist and float away from the body without being too big.

Bohemian wedding Gowns fit well into destination weddings that are in the garden or wooded area.
They also fit well into intimate barefoot on the beach weddings.
Add some flowers into your hair and you have the perfect Bohemian look for your wedding day.

Eco-Friendly Destination Wedding Gowns

If you have decided that you are going to have an eco-friendly destination wedding,
then you can now carry on the trend with the several eco-friendly destination wedding Gowns/Dresses that are being sold.
It's not necessary anymore to give up style and your dream Gown to fit into the eco-friendly category.
There are more and more designers that are starting to make eco-friendly destination wedding Gowns that are popular styles
and will stun your groom at how beautiful you look.
Eco-friendly destination wedding Gowns are made from natural fibers such as hemp, bamboo, organic cottons, and peace silk.
These fabrics are known as sustainable materials which can easily be recycled and broken down.
They are not made from any animal by products and contain all organic or naturally made materials.

Some brides worry that their eco-friendly or "green" wedding Gown/Dress will be not as nice as a normal wedding Gown would be.
This is the farthest thing from the truth, as no one will even be able to tell that your Gown/Dress qualifies as eco-friendly.
The materials that designers use for these destination wedding Dresses are still soft and feminine and will still make you fell like a
princess on your wedding day.

Best of all you know that you are doing something good for the planet and you still look fabulous on your wedding day.

Maternity Destination Wedding Gowns

Destination weddings have become more popular with pregnant brides.
So, many choose to jet off somewhere exotic and have the destination wedding of their life.
But, what kind of maternity destination wedding Gowns do pregnant brides have to choose from?

There are basically two types of maternity destination wedding Gowns.
The first is the kind that tend to hide the fact that a woman is pregnant.
These often have empire waists and flow away from the body.
This tends to not exaggerate the pregnancy.

The other type of maternity Gown is the one that shows off the pregnancy curves.
It hugs the body and does nothing to cover up the fact that the bride being pregnant.
Some brides like these types of destination wedding Gowns because they want to show off their pregnancy and not
hide their body.

Despite what the old tradition says, many pregnant brides are still wearing white wedding dresses.
It's no longer thought of that white has to mean virginal for a wedding.
So, go ahead and pick out a Greek Goddess white maternity wedding Gown or whatever color you choose.

Greek Goddess Bridal Attendents Gowns

Greek Goddess Bridal Attendent Gowns

Color is still the best way to express style.
Stick to one, two or three hues and carry them throughout your whole wedding story.

When choosing your bridesmaid color, consider the location of your ceremony and reception.

Keep your bridesmaid dresses simple and complementary; it will help your dress be the center of attention!

Don't be scared of trying something unique.
Some brides choose to highlight their Maid of Honor in a special complementary color while other brides will do a color run
of the same gown.
Whatever you do, make sure the colors you have chosen work together.

Flowery Prints, Flowers in the Hair, Flower Decorations
are all popular
beach themed weddings ideas.

Beautiful colors look even more vibrant in the summer sunshine.
Greek Goddess Bridal Attendant Gowns/Dresses can fit the ocean theme and be in beautiful Blues and Fresh Aqua, Lilac or soft corals.

Yet a beach wedding can

be a great time to bring in a bit of bold color.
Maybe that organza halter top dress could be Navy Blue
– for a Traditional Greek Nautical Style Wedding.

A dazzling Bright Orange*
a fresh color from nature’s bounty
or a Yellow Chiffon Gown/Dress
will match the summer sunshine.

A perfectly matching shoe completes the look of a colorful bridesmaid.
If this isn’t possible or preferred, go one shade darker than the color of the dress or go with a nude, silver, or gold sandal.

Jewellry makes a great gift for your bridesmaids.
Not only can they wear it on your big day, they have something special to remember it for a lifetime.

Consider the weather!
Getting married outside?
In fact, you may want to consider giving it as a cute favor for all your attendees.
Shawls make excellent accessories for brisk weather weddings.

Greek Goddess Flower Girls

The colors in the Flower Girl’s Gowns/Sundress can coordinate with the Bridesmaid Gowns/Dresses.

When it comes to the Greek Goddess Flower Girl Gown/Dress for a beach wedding, the sky is the limit.

At a beach wedding, surrounded by nature’s beauty, every charming Flower Girl looks beautiful and suitably dressed for the occasion.

Greek Goddess Flower Girl Gowns/Dresses can be as casual as the ordinary Sundress


An interesting element of this year’s Greek Goddess Flower Girl Gown/Dresses is that causal and formal elements can be found in one style.

For example, a White/Lilac embroided Cotton Dress with a Silk Sash
combines cotton and silk in a graceful style.
A Pink Metalic Gingham Poly-Cotton Sundress
makes a perfect Greek Goddess Flower Girl Dress or a cool summer dress for any special occasion.

The Bride might want her Greek Goddess Flower Girl to wear a soft Blue, all over Laced Dress
and sprinkle light Blue Rose Petals.

The Bride can have the Flower Girl wear a Bold Print (
Flowers or Beach-Themed dress)
and have her sprinkle wild flowers from a brightly-colored beach bucket.

Just to make the point that her wedding is going to be a fun event.

Adding accessories for
a beach wedding can include everything from a Seashell Hair Clip to an Ivory Hair Wreath to a Organza Bow.

Try matching the Flower Girl’s Shoes, the Flower Girls Shoes must be suitable for walking in the sand.
Try matching flip flops for a beach wedding.

Whatever color or style they wear, Greek Goddess Flower Girls always look beautiful at a beach wedding.

The perfect accessories for the perfect day

It takes a long time to find the perfect wedding gown and you’ve got to complete the look with the best wedding accessories.
Every girl, at one point or another, has thought about what she’ll wear on her wedding day!
Whether you’re going for the traditional bridal look with white silk and lace or if you’ve opted for
a Short Modern Casual Wedding Dress for a Destination Beach Wedding.
You can pull it all together with the right wedding wear
with the bride in mind!
If you’re looking for comfortable wedding accessories for your summer nuptials then sandals
are the way to go.

Offering a slight heel.

The flip-flop style promises comfortable feet and easy walking through the whole day.

They’re a great wedding wear staple.

The ultimate in bridal coziness can be found in a ballet flat.

They’re as soft as a slipper and as dressy as a pump.

Throw on something soft and silky after your long day!

Try a long white comfortable and sexy robe with cut out lace, sequin and pearl embellishments.

A short silky baby doll gown is the perfect thing to slip into after hauling around a heavy wedding

dress all day.

It’s a sexy wedding accessory that comes with a matching g-string panty set.

So this handy kit may be your ultimate wedding accessory!

The reusable train case makes the perfect wedding accessory.

Fill it with all the necessities, from tampons to breath mints and all the stain removers in between.

It's a handy little helper.

Costandinas is a Houston, TX based unique wedding services vendor. We provide service in neighborhood areas of Houston, Texas and nearby cities. Costandinas Company have expertised team for various kinds of unique wedding services for wedding couples.

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