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Every young woman has fantasized about the type of wedding she wants to have the most of her life. The first step to planning your dream wedding is setting your wedding budget. The wedding budget planning tools available to you on the iwedplanner website and the mobile apps will help you to keep track of all the monies that you have available to spend on your wedding. In the past brides used cumbersome wedding budget spreadsheets you do not have to do that any longer. The wedding budget calculator software used by iWedPlanner has a wedding budget worksheet you need as well as the wedding budget checklist.

It is important when you are planning your wedding to not budget in any money that you do not already have saved up for the event. By using these tools you will know where every dime is going and you can arrange and rearrange your spending as needed. This is a handy tool to have with you when you go to talk with your wedding vendors. Having a set budget for what you are willing to spend on each item will keep you firmly in control of your spending.

No one has to go into debt to have a beautiful wedding. The wedding budget planner has every detail covered. The still the already populated with many details they are columns to list your budgeted amount for each category. There are also columns where you can put in your estimate of what you think things will cost as well add a column for actual cost. This tool allows you to input the amount the you have saved in the bank as well as any gifts given by family and friends so you have a complete picture of how much money you actually have for your wedding budget. All you have to do to take advantage of this wonderful wedding budget calculator is to sign up at

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