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iWedPlanner – wedding planning iPad app

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iWedPlanner – wedding planning iPad app.
Getting asked the question is easy, going from that to happily ever-after has to be the most carefully planned event you have ever undertaken. In the past this meant having numerous folders and binders, heavy bridal magazines and so many other things that you would probably not be able to stand up straight on your wedding day. With the free wedding planner iPad app you can have all of these things in the palm of your hand on your smart phone. Using a wedding planner app is simple and easy.
Use your smart phone to keep track of all of the important wedding planning information. With the wedding planner iPad app you can virtually eliminate much of the stress involved in wedding planning. There is nothing that you cannot find on the wedding app for iPad, this includes wedding rings, wedding cakes, wedding DJs, wedding bands, wedding gowns and wedding shoes. Everything you need to plan the perfect wedding can be found on the wedding planner app.
The wedding planner iPad app is one of the most comprehensive new tools ever designed to help with event planning. This software will have you planning a wedding to rival even the most expensive wedding planners, even if you have never planned anything larger than a slumber party. Using this iPad apps you can connect with wedding blogs and wedding forums written by other brides that are just too happy to share their advice and give you inspiration. Find the perfect floral arrangements, color schemes and so much more with the wedding planner app. The free iPad app is easy to download and to use.
Many brides today are not in same position as brides of yesterday. Many have careers, some of them have families and other commitments that challenges their minds. One of the best features of the new wedding planner apps for iPad is the "my reminder" feature. The free iPad app can act as a memory bank, always letting you know what's next.
With the iPad apps you will never have to worry about missing a deadline or an appointment again. . The wedding planner app for iPad is designed to work alongside your online website, everything that you enter on the app will automatically be entered on your website. The wedding app enters the information on your wedding website where the entire wedding committee can view it. The free iPad app will amaze you with the number of quality features that it has.

Price: Free

Below you will find a list of the other handy features including any iWedPlanner For iPad:

1. Wedding To-Do-List:

The user of the iPad apps will have access to all to do list, complete a list, partial list.

  • There are two major types of to do list:
  • Duration and category
  • Users are allowed to add personal task and delete them.
  • Receive monthly, weekly and daily alert with the email my reminder feature.

Wedding Resources:

All vendor details for each category can be found under the following headings in the iPad apps. Accessories – Wedding Jewelry – Family Gifts And Flowers – Wedding Venue – Entertainment Hotels – Wedding Cakes – Wedding Dresses Restaurants – Invitation Stores. Both bride and groom can enter other vendors as they see fit.

2. Wedding Organizer:

The organizers section includes the following features. Add Quick Note – Gift Tracker – First Dance Song. Integration With Facebook – Add Appointments – Integration With Twitter Add Contact Details – Facts Page


With the advancement of the Internet, and the wedding app, many brides and grooms are using emails to send RSVP to guests for engagement, wedding and reception events. The wedding planner iPad app includes RSVP feature. Guest list. Guest invitations. Invitations sent list. RSVP returned. Guest list. There are three different categories of guest list. Engagement – wedding – reception list.

The Occasion List:
The occasion list is designed to show you which guests were invited to what portion of the event.

To-Do List:
Organizational skills are not everyone’s forte, but planning a wedding cannot happen in chaos. Organization is needed if you want that dream wedding to come off without problems. The wedding planner app for iPhone iPad and android, has enough to-do-lists to keep even the most disorganized person on track.
Comprehensive Guest List:
This list holds a comprehensive view of everyone who has responded to your invitation and what that response was.
One of the most important tools included in the wedding planner iPad app, iPhone app and android wedding planner app is the day scheduler. This is a tool that lets you set forth what is going to happen on your wedding day from the time that your eyes open until you’re on your way to your honeymoon venue. Wedding planners use the same type of tool to facilitate weddings. You can detail what each person is supposed to be doing and when, then send them that information.

4. My Wedding Day:

This is your countdown calendar, it automatically shows the number of days, months, hours and minutes until the moment of your wedding.

5. My Reminder:

This is the feature that sends reminders to the bride, the bridegroom or anyone in the wedding planning committee a reminder of an upcoming event. The reminders count at intervals of one day, three days, or five days before, giving you plenty of time to prepare.

6. Seating Arrangements:

This is the most time-consuming and emotional part of planning the wedding on the wedding planner iPad app the seating arrangements are divided into three categories for engagement ,weddings and receptions
1.The bride and groom will have the option to assign seats to guests invited for all three events.
2.Each table can be defined by the number of adult or children being seated.

  • When you need to see where you are and your plans you can...
  • View the summary of tables defined.
  • View the summary of seating assigned guest list.
  • View the summary of seating not assigned guest list.
  • Do family wise seating assignment.
  • Do group wise seating assignments.
  • View the summary of table wise seating assignments and their status.
  • View total seating assignment

7. Budget Calculation:

This is arguably one of the best features of the wedding planner iPad apps. From the planner dashboard, you will see actual cost, estimated cost, amounts paid, amounts still need to be paid, how much each party has contributed to the budget.

8. My Profile:

The bride and bridegroom can each edit their profile from their versions of the wedding planner app for iPad, they can also set and change passwords.

9. Feedback:

This is the part where you help us continue to improve our product, your feedback is most welcome.

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