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Wedding planning is hard enough with finances, invitations, catering, and other essentials to make sure everything is moving accordingly. With the help of the app iWedPlanner, you can make the pieces of the puzzle come together. One of these pieces is seating.

It is important to plan seating arrangements. Group wise seating arrangements is when you decide which family and/or guests you want to include for each table. Be careful who you invite as well as who you will arrange to be placed. If there is bad blood between individuals, it is a good idea to make sure they are separated from the opposite sides of a reception room. You have to somewhat look at it as if you are an elementary school teacher making sure the seating is up to par.

Another vital piece of information is the types of tables you will be using. You need to determine the size of the table itself. Can it seat 6 people? 10 people? Which type of tablecloth should be used? How sturdy are the chairs? And, will people feel comfortable with the round or rectangular tables? You may have to wonder if you want to put chairs on opposite ends of a rectangular table or not.

It is important to have enough room and not feel suffocated. Also, there needs to be enough room for the plates, glasses, etc. for people to eat and drink comfortably. Don’t hesitate to talk to your guests about seating. See if they prefer to sit in the back or up front. More tips and ideas about seating charts arrangements can be found on the iWedPlanner app.

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